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Seeming or professed; ostensible.

[Late Latin ostēnsīvus, from Latin ostēnsus, past participle of ostendere, to show; see ostensible.]

os·ten′sive·ly adv.
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Northern Orchards, though ostensively about cemeteries, stands more as a series of meditations about bright distinctive moments that we create in our ordinary lives.
It merely points ostensively to an "elsewhere", to actual violence.
While as of this writing Priceless has been published a little more than a year, it seems to have been favorably blurbed and reviewed across a wide range of ostensively right-leaning publications far more than it has been actually read.
Obviously crafts play an immense role in the arts today but when the art is too ostensively based on the vessel or the loom, the time-immemorial art/craft divide grows nettlesome.
One may communicate one's perceptions only by pointing ostensively at paradigmatic examples and suggesting principles that govern them.
He uses this example to illustrate that you cannot reason someone into choosing life other than ostensively, by pointing to the different things that bring happiness--just as the poster does.
This appears to be a reflection of the difficulty of adapting friction test methods that are ostensively designed for testing pairs of relatively rigid solid materials for the testing of an interface where one material has become a soft and flexible semisolid.
relationships, level and scope should not be defined ostensively by
Ostensively, then, as readers of Caplin's book will immediately recognize, formal functions are things like "presentations.
Returning specifically to the idea of the tested arrogations of authorship: the entire project of Modernism and the Grounds of Law is ostensively acknowledged and introduced by its author as being intimately engaged in conversation with other voices in creatively different ways.
The gatekeeper was also to search packages, ostensively to stop the introduction of contraband and the pilfering of government property.
Flows related to attending funerals, for example, were ostensively between the home community and one (or sometimes more) discrete communities where family ties are maintained.