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Noun1.osteoblastoma - benign tumor of bone and fibrous tissue; occurs in the vertebrae or femur or tibia or arm bones (especially in young adults)


n. osteoblastoma. V.: osteoma
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On CT the nidus of osteoblastoma is usually larger than 2 cm.
Benign osteoblastoma of the mandible: Fifteen year follow-up showing spontaneous regression after biopsy.
Radiografide ayrici tanilarda stres kirigi, enfeksiyon, osteoblastoma, eosinofilik granulom ve cok nadir de olsa osteosarkom goz onunde bulundurulmalidir (2).
Clinicopathologic features and treatment of osteoid osteoma and osteoblastoma in children and adolescents.
This is seen in bone-producing lesions such as osteoid osteoma, osteoblastoma, and osteosarcoma.
52) In these larger lesions, the differential diagnosis may include benign lesions, such as osteopathia striata and osteoblastoma, and malignant lesions, such as sclerosing osteosarcoma.
C-Fos (FOS; FBJ murine osteoblastoma viral oncogene homoIog)-induced growth factor, a member of tkcAP-l oncogene family implicated in cell motility and invasion (Han et al.
Identifiable lesions are associated with ABCs about half the time, the most common of which include giant cell tumor, osteoblastoma, chondroblastoma, and osteosarcoma (2).
To study cell proliferation, differentiation, and cell adhesion, scaffolds were seeded with MG63 (human osteoblastoma cell line; ATCC, Manassas, VA) cells.
Other new information relates to chondroblastoma, osteoblastoma, and parosteal osteosarcoma, and the section on neoplasm simulators has been expanded to include conditions like neuropathic joint that may present as a neoplasm.
Benign osteoblastoma was independently described for the first time by Jaffe and Lichfenstein in 1956 as a vascular, osteoid and bone-forming tumour cytologically characterized by osteoblasts (1-2).
Scheirer was treated for an Osteoblastoma on her spinal cord and spine.