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Noun1.osteochondroma - benign tumor containing both bone and cartilage; usually occurs near the end of a long bone


n. osteocondroma, tumor compuesto de elementos óseos y cartilaginosos.
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Radiological differentiation from post-traumatic myositis ossificans and from avulsion fractures can usually be made with the well-corticated appearance of the pelvic digit and the absence of a history of trauma, and it is differentiated from osteochondroma by the lack of continuity with the underlying bone (7,10-12).
These include Hoffa's disease, IFP ossification, solitary intra-articular chondroma, acquired intra-articular osteochondroma, intracapsular chondroma, para-articular chondroma/osteochondroma and capsular osteoma.
To the best of our knowledge, this is the first case of an osteochondroma involving the nasal dorsum to be reported in the English-language literature.
Certain tumors about the hip joint, such as an osteochondroma, might also require treatment.
The meshes also have potential therapeutic implications in the treatment of diseases such as multiple osteochondroma (MO), a rare disease creating bony spurs or lumps caused by abnormal production of these sugar molecules.
For example, Rybak et al (8) demonstrated corticomedullary continuation, a radiologic feature that has long been a mainstay in its differentiation from osteochondroma.
Histology confirmed an osteochondroma with no malignant cells and vessel consistent with pseudoaneurysm formation.
Here we report an extremely rare chest wall tumor and different localisation which was an osteochondroma in the xyphoid process.
A SOUNDS like he has an osteochondroma, a benign bone tumour common in children and young adults.
Growth of an osteochondroma at the medial clavicle with reactive exophytic overgrowth from the adjacent manubrium was also considered.
Many types of nonneoplastic exophytic lesions of bone exist and include marginal osteophytes of degenerative joint disease; reactive lesions, such as subungual exostosis and bizarre parosteal osseous proliferation; and osteochondroma.
Associated features are lipomas over other parts of the body or numerous bony excrescences resembling small osteochondroma or osteophytes (seen in Case 2) as well as associated secondary osteoarthritic changes and carpal tunnel syndrome in long-standing cases.