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Plural of ostracon.
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Objective: "The project aims at providing electronic editions of ancient medical sources including texts, translations, commentary, metadata, and images of papyri, ostraca, and tablets.
Lemaire analyzes ostraca from Elephantine and concludes that identity was primarily evident through language of ritual and religion.
The Ostraca Series (2008-2009) comprises a number of busts in the classical vein.
Mildness alternates with brutality, happiness with tragedy, darkness with light, dreams with reality, poetry with ribaldry, present with past, Romulus's formal journaling with his companion Amelia's informal ostraca, nobility with the plebe, peace with war.
Arranged in sections on the three areas of study, the 28 papers discuss such matters as the career of some Elephantine and Murasu scribes and witnesses, Phoenician and Aramaic inscriptions from Abusir, the state of modern Syriac lexicography, 12 published and unpublished Jewish Aramaic ostraca written in the "Jewish" cursive script, philological notes on the David-Bathsheba story, the role of the governor in Persian imperial administration, and personal names as pejorative puns in ancient texts.
Hieratic papyrus texts and engraved stelae and ostraca are the sources of Koenrd Donker van Heel, the author of Djekhy & Son - Doing Business in Ancient Egypt, AUC Press, 2013.
41) Misspellings and grammatical errors are commonly corrected in ostraca of this sort; see ostraca IV, VII, X, XV, and XVI in Milne 1908.
Ironically, the throw-away ostraca survived, whereas the important general ledger, probably written on papyrus, perished.
Engravings on monuments and writing on ostraca document its practice.
Greek metaxy, between, and ostraca, shells, in reference to the occurrence of the holotype between a number of conchostracan shells.
In the saturated abstractions of two years later, such as Ostraca I (1977), battles flare up in the colors of the picture planes with the weight of Titans.
New Kingdom Ostraca from the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.