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 (ŏs′trə-kŏd′) or os·tra·code (-kōd′)
Any of numerous small chiefly aquatic crustaceans of the class Ostracoda, having a bivalve carapace and including many extinct species that are commonly found as fossils.

[New Latin Ostracōda, subclass name, from Greek ostrakōdēs, testaceous, from ostrakon, shell; see ost- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈɒstrəˌkɒd) or


(Zoology) any minute crustacean of the mainly freshwater subclass Ostracoda, in which the body is enclosed in a transparent two-valved carapace
[C19: via New Latin from Greek ostrakōdēs having a shell, from ostrakon shell]
ostracodan, ˌostraˈcodous adj

seed′ shrimp`

any of numerous tiny marine and freshwater crustaceans of the subclass Ostracoda, having a shrimplike body enclosed in a hinged bivalve shell. Also called ostracod.
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Noun1.ostracod - tiny marine and freshwater crustaceans with a shrimp-like body enclosed in a bivalve shellostracod - tiny marine and freshwater crustaceans with a shrimp-like body enclosed in a bivalve shell
crustacean - any mainly aquatic arthropod usually having a segmented body and chitinous exoskeleton
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The same limestone sample which includes the arthrodire bone and the mollusc valves is overfilled by ostracod shells.
Palynomorph and ostracod assemblages are present in this unit and indicate that it is likely of Paleocene to Eocene age [18].
The caption read: Ostracod crustaceans, kind of like bioluminescent phytoplankton, lighting up the shore on Mudhdhoo Island in the Maldives.
Ostracod valves left in the sieves were picked out from dried residues by brush under a binocular microscope (Olympus 272729).
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Scientists from Europe, the US, and Asia discuss freshwater and marine ostracod genera/species and the ostracod family Entocytherids, including revisions of genera, descriptions of new species, and new studies on biogeography, ecology, and morphology.
The creature-related to crabs, lobsters and shrimp-is an ostracod, or a type of crustacean sometimes known as seed shrimp.
Ostracod fauna has been extensively studied from different areas of the world, such as USA (Henderson, 1990), USSR (Bronshtein, 1988), Europe (Meisch, 2000), Australia (McKenzie, 1971), south-east Asia (Victor and Fernando, 1982), India (Klie, 1927; Victor and Fernando, 1979, Batish, 1978, 1981) and Turkey (Dole-Ozelo et al.
In the micropaleontologic analysis disarticulated ostracod shells, rare and small recrystalized radiolarians with several foraminifers, were found together.
ABSTRACT: This paper analyzes the ostracod faunas obtained from the lower and middle sections (170.