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A world or existence beyond earthly reality.
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Noun1.otherworld - an abstract spiritual world beyond earthly reality
abstract entity, abstraction - a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples
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Tonight's competing companies include co-hosts Macworld magazine and Aspyr, along with Apple Computer, Allume, ATI, DLO, Griffin, Logitech, MacSoft, Microsoft, OtherWorld Computing, Roxio/Sonic, and Software MacKiev, among others all trying to unseat the reining champions, Microsoft.
Ben and Xavier must battle their demons to save themselves and their new friends of the Otherworld in this captivating tale of friendship and victory.
Listen out for the haunting howls of the Hounds of Annwn - the mythical dogs of the otherworld.
Thirty years ago on Mars a greenperson affected the town of Desolation Road--and its bizarre inhabitants come to life in a science fiction novel telling of the town's strange inhabitants and otherworld evolutions.
One night, Coraline uncovers a secret door leading to a parallel reality called OtherWorld, where her Other Mother and Other Father provide her with all of the love, and attention she craves.
American scholars of history, philosophy, religion, and literature explore the tension between Augustine of Hippo's interest in the politics and events of his third-century Roman North African milieu and the thoughts of the otherworld that he knew should be occupying the mind of Christians.
From the heart-pounding excitement of Ikkyo, the dark sinister otherworld, to the hypnotic Phoenix and the happy festival atmosphere of Matsuri, there promises to be something for everyone.
Cardiff born, he's been in films like Very Annie Mary and Otherworld as well as ``serious'' stage roles, appearing opposite a naked Kathleen Turner in The Graduate and Romeo in the Royal Shakespeare Company
a glittering of fairy sprinkles and otherworld whispers.
He can only find his way to the otherworld when he has visited revenge upon the last male heirs of the Earl of Warren -the callous killer of his parents and the author of his many misfortunes.
The final triumph, where the children frighten the spirit goblins into knocking Rhita Gawr over into the Otherworld, is ludicrous and anticlimactic.
The two new choral pieces this year are Francis Grier's Around the Curve of the World and Judith Bingham's Otherworld, the latter a joint commisson with the Plymouth Music Series of Minneapolis.