out of wedlock

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The state of being married; matrimony.
out of wedlock
Of parents not legally married to each other: born out of wedlock.

[Middle English wedlocke, from Old English wedlāc : wedd, pledge + -lāc, n. suff. expressing activity.]
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Adv.1.out of wedlock - of biological parents not married to each other; "this child was born illegitimately"
2.out of wedlock - of unwed parents; "he was born out of wedlock"
References in classic literature ?
And am a happy horse, too, though born out of wedlock.
Were thou born out of wedlock, the son of a hostler and a scullery maid, still would I love thee, and honor thee, and cleave to thee.
The woman confessed she had an illicit relationship with the baby's father and the child was born out of wedlock.
Though these are the princely couple's first children, Albert has had several children with different women out of wedlock.
Gibson-Davis added that such marriages were fragile, and very few kids born out of wedlock got to experience a stable marriage.
My reason for objection is simply that bearing a child out of wedlock should never be a crime and deserves no penalty," another used said.
Another blogger said that both the father and the mother should be punished for having the child out of wedlock and for not caring about him.
The Lebanese pop icon stressed that support of having a child out of wedlock is against her beliefs, traditions and religion therefore she would never make such a statement.
Another orphan born out of wedlock said, "We don't need financial help from society; all we need is affection from people.
Khamenehi's reference to the growth of births out of wedlock in the West is correct, however.
9%) were the least likely to have babies out of wedlock.
The Muslim woman and her then fiancE[umlaut]e were arrested for sex out of wedlock and illegal drinking, after they reported an alleged rape in the bathroom of an upmarket Dubai hotel.