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v.i. -grat•ed, -grat•ing.
to leave a region, community, etc., and settle in a different part of one's country.
out′-migra`tion, n.
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Hence, the aspiration to out-migrate is essentially construed as the outcome of social processes.
Neither scenario is good, and both would have a negative impact on current housing values, not to mention the ability to sell here and out-migrate to either developable farmland or more moderately priced communities in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas or wherever.
On the other hand, poverty could also hinder the decision to out-migrate due to higher costs associated with it.
In the face of increasing rural-urban drift where men out-migrate in search of cash income, it is often women who manage the everyday complexities of sustaining livelihoods, livestock, and environments.
Pull factors--which often directly mirror push factors--are destination country conditions that motivate nurses to out-migrate.
In recent years, a group of researchers have raised concerns about the potential negative effects of migration on the educational outcome of the school-aged children that are left behind in rural areas when one or both of their parents out-migrate to cities for work.
Because new arrivals are most likely knowledgeable of their preferred CMA and select a CMA of residence as opposed to the province, the multivariate analysis focuses only upon the household's decision to out-migrate from a CMA or to stay.
The addition of the Heart Hospital and Cancer Institute in 2010-2011 enhanced SFHS's market position, enabling it to capture additional tertiary services which would previously out-migrate to St.
These requests are generated after a nurse has conveyed his or her intent to out-migrate to an outside employer, who in turn requests verification of licensure from the NCK.
Most of the remaining admissions out-migrate to tertiary facilities in Canton, Ohio including Aultman Hospital (Aultman) and Mercy Medical Center.
Franciscan Skemp, Gundersen Lutheran's main competitor, is affiliated with Mayo Health System, and highly specialized cases out-migrate to Rochester, MN, approximately 80 miles away.
Management has identified discharges that out-migrate to Atlanta hospitals (notably Saint Joseph's Hospital, Northside Hospital, and Emory Healthcare) and continues to implement strategies to keep these patients within the service area.