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v.i. -grat•ed, -grat•ing.
to leave a region, community, etc., and settle in a different part of one's country.
out′-migra`tion, n.
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Eventually, the Bagobo population out-migrated and today there are hardly any that remain in the Mintal area.
Surprisingly, no one out-migrated in Balochistan province, although the law and order situation in the province has deteriorated over the period.
The comparison of out-migrants by land status of district of origin, contrary to our expectations, shows that more individuals out-migrated from agricultural districts compared to arid (3.
Rivera, Tonga is the site of an interesting twist on tourism and reciprocity during a shift in economic climate in which out-migrated locals are allowed to return home to "be Tongan" again by playing tourist in their own homeland.
From 1999 to 2007, 728 Kenyan nurses out-migrated to the United Kingdom alone (2009).
Our comparison of intent to out-migrate with actual migration revealed 64 percent of nurses that applied to out-migrate to the United Kingdom eventually out-migrated.
On the basis of migration status, there are two types of households in this study: migrant households (or those households in which at least one parent out-migrated during the period between 2002 and 2006) and non-migrant households.
In most migrant households (149), the father was the parent that out-migrated (while the mother stayed at home).
1] as the outcome (the scores of students--in our case) after the parent of the student out-migrated and [Y.
18, meaning that, everything else held constant, after any parent in a household out-migrated between the first and fifth grade, the scores of the children of the migrants actually rose relative to the children of Never Migrant households.
We have not attracted immigrants while our young people have out-migrated creating an even larger aging population base.
San Diego employers need to communicate to new talent and out-migrated talent who left after defense and aerospace downsizing, that higher salaries are back.