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v.i. -grat•ed, -grat•ing.
to leave a region, community, etc., and settle in a different part of one's country.
out′-migra`tion, n.
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How do source countries ensure their out-migrating professionals are equally treated in destination countries?
The project is needed to minimize diversion impacts to out-migrating anadromous fish on the San Joaquin River without impairing the districts ability to divert water consistent with its existing water rights.
A current effort is underway to increase the monitoring of out-migrating juvenile lampreys through the operation of salmonid smolt monitoring systems at mainstem Columbia River dams (Fish Passage Center 2014).
Fingerlings are potentially easier prey than out-migrating smolts, and the presence of bass in such habitats raises questions about how much fry predation actually occurs.
Rodriguez highlights the gendered dimensions of exporting migrant workers, as women workers (especially those out-migrating as domestics) began to outpace the out-migration of male workers from the Philippines.
On average, Kenya added 1,300 nurses annually to its national registry, indicating that the rate of training (1,300 nurses/year) is sufficient to replace the rate of nurses retiring (1,034 nurses/ year) and out-migrating (184 nurses/year), but not sufficient to scale-up Kenya's nursing workforce.
In addition, firms that elect to make use of cheaper foreign labor by relocating plants offshore are criticized for out-migrating capital and outsourcing jobs to developing countries.
In 2008, its first year of operation, the facility set a new record for capture rate of out-migrating juvenile sockeye and coho salmon.
Volpe says, "Salmon farms are far and away the major contributor to lice on out-migrating salmon [and] the most significant driver of mortality" in the wild fish during their migration.
In the ocean and in the rivers, alewives provide important prey for Atlantic salmon, and in the spring, large numbers of in-migrating alewives provide vital "cover" for out-migrating salmon smolts that are otherwise subject to predation.
So maybe the state's young people--those out-migrating 20-somethings--only move away for a while, then return after getting a taste of "the rest of the world.
Out-migrating men often left their families in the village to clean cattle-yards a nd latrines for higher caste patrons (jiijmaris), and when the men came back to the village, they did sweeping work, and/or share-cropping, construction work, raised animals for owners on a half-and-half basis, cut harvest wheat, worked on sugar-making teams, raised and sold pigs, etc.