1. A visitor, such as a tourist, from another state.
2. A legal resident of one state who lives for a period of time in another state in order to attend school, for example.
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Lawyers for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sought to discredit Lichtman's testimony on Wednesday, portraying him as an out-of-stater with little intimate knowledge of Texas - let alone the intent of its lawmakers.
Scott Brown, formerly a senator from neighboring Massachusetts, is sensitive to a crippling political charge: the out-of-touch out-of-stater looking for a political launch pad.
All in all, the out-of-stater will spend well over $500 for the - necessary licensure and tags.
The hunting is so good, in fact, that I met an out-of-stater who takes his whole month's vacation from mid-October to mid-November just to quail hunt here.
The out-of-stater demands to swipe his own card because you could be a member of a high-tech identity theft ring preying on innocent drivers.
NEXT TIME SOME SNOOTY out-of-stater claims Indiana lacks sophistication, here's a good comeback: An increasing number of Hoosiers are lining up at the community college to learn how to make pate.
When the state is slow to secure the necessary funding, Huizenga not only threatens to sell the team, but to peddle the club to an out-of-stater who will move it somewhere across the country.
The out-of-stater is billed as a "surprise act," but Leufstedt recently confided that Hot Time Harv is headed here from the Garden State.
You're an out-of-stater here for the Olympic Trials.
NEXT TIME SOME OUT-OF-STATER badmouths Indiana for allegedly living in the past and shunning the cutting edge, share the story of BioTown USA, the new nickname for the tiny community of Reynolds.