adj.1.unusual or striking.
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She will take a look at some new introductions, trends and out-of-the-ordinary plants.
Applicants must be students with out-of-the-ordinary talents or those who have committed themselves to improving the world.
by Courtesy of BrandpointTo impress your guests, mix in a few out-of-the-ordinary recipes for dips and serve with chips or carrot sticks.
Delivering unexpected and out-of-the-ordinary experiences is in our DNA and we're eager to share our newest offerings with our guests.
A whole host of Merseyside fighters from both codes will be involved on the night, with a live Q&A planned as well as numerous other out-of-the-ordinary activities as the countdown to the big fight continues.
In this age of ammunition shortages, if you shoot an out-of-the-ordinary cartridge, cases are likely to be hard to find, expensive, or both.
Silver Arch routinely assists borrowers with out-of-the-ordinary situational loans and we are fully prepared for this type of transaction," added Wolfer.
How about an out-of-the-ordinary chicken delight that gives you the same satisfaction of fried chicken, yet is healthier and more flavorful?
Among the licensing programs with the greatest variety of out-of-the-ordinary goods: Downton Abbey (tea, roses, lace) and Game of Thrones (swords, beer, dragon eggs, was seal coasters).
has drawn retirees and travelers with a taste for out-of-the-ordinary experiences.
Devant's very own Instagrammy Awards enticed the sporties to show off their most awesome pose where they got the chance to take home out-of-the-ordinary and predominantlybeing talked about speaker systems - Devant DV21 Portable Speakers.
Laila confirmed that she's very happily married and that there aren't any out-of-the-ordinary arguments between her hubby and her.