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Out to or in remote rural country, especially in Australia or New Zealand.
n. (out′băk′)
The remote rural part of a country, especially of Australia or New Zealand.

out′back′er n.


(Peoples) Austral a person who lives in the Australian outback
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He said the new restaurant will offer the same popular steak and seafood menu, including the signature sirloin and crab-topped shrimp; Outbacker burger and Alice Springs chicken, along with Australian-themed salads, desserts and "Aussie-tizers to share,'' such as the Outback's original "Bloomin' Onion'' and coconut shrimp.
Outbacker clearly has plenty of ability and can graduate from maiden level in the 32Red Handicap Stakes.
Examiner ended the treble chance of trainer Mark Johnston and Joe Fanning jockey, who combined for a near 14-1 double from maidens Outbacker and Swivel.
The Outbacker Adventurer job comes with a six month salary package of $100,000 and will be advertised around the world.
The company said that the new series replaces the Outbacker MXP Series and is powered by MXI Security's Bluefly Portable Security Processor.
The company also has a portable hard drive, the Outbacker MXP, which has encryption, password and biometric features.
Fortunately as night falls, amiable local vermin shooter outbacker Mick (John Jarratt) comes along in his truck and offers to tow them back to his place and fix things.
A new portable storage device called Outbacker by Memory Expert International (MXI) is a bit bigger than a flash drive--it's about the size of a deck of cards--but it makes up for its size with an incredible 20 GB of storage space (a model with twice as much storage is also available).
With that in the bank, it's inevitable that Hogan's craggy Australian outbacker should return for another instalment.
Both the Black Diamond and the Outbacker can handle BBs as well as pellets, while the Model 262 fires pellets only, single-shot.
Replacing the well-known Outbacker MXP Series, the Stealth HD Series is powered by MXI Security's Bluefly Portable Security Processor.
He saddles Favourite Treat in the Ladbrokes Handicap at Ling-field today, while Outbacker runs in the 32Red.