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v. out·bred (-brĕd′), out·breed·ing, out·breeds
1. To subject to outbreeding.
2. To produce offspring at a greater rate than: an introduced species of toad that outbreeds native amphibians.
To engage in outbreeding.
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Adj.1.outbred - bred of parents not closely related; having parents of different classes or tribes
anthropology - the social science that studies the origins and social relationships of human beings
exogamic, exogamous - pertaining to or characterized by the custom of marrying only outside the limits of a clan or tribe
crossbred - bred from parents of different varieties or species
inbred - produced by inbreeding
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A new mouse model known as the Diversity Outbred better reflects the genetic diversity of the human population, offering intriguing possibilities for safety assessment.
These results indicated that outbred mice may be less sensitive than inbred mice and stress is an individually sensitive and variable factor that appears to be body weight or age dependent.
Italian fiber varieties) are obligate outbred, and the method used to multiply them (open-field pollination) approaches a random-mating condition.
For instance, resource allocation to the seeds may differ between inbred and outbred maternal plants, and may, therefore, affect the performance of the offspring.
The Company utilized unique approaches in creating 9 diagnostic patent submissions and it developed proprietary know-how managing its own 10,000+ outbred sample collection.
Recent advances in statistical methods in outbred populations have made it possible for QTL mapping in virtually any type of population (Xu and Atchley, 1995: Knott et al.
25 had a 36% (95% CI: 13-60%) lower probability of hatching than eggs of outbred females.
Edward Bilsky of the University of New England College of Medicine made a presentation entitled "Antidepressant and Locomotor Effects of Milnacipran in Outbred and Inbred Strains of Mice" at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Orlando, Fla.
We estimate carcinogenic potency by fitting a dose-response function to tumor incidence data from groups of 50 inbred rodents--or from somewhat larger groups of working-age people--and simply pronounce the group potency estimate relevant for hundreds of millions of outbred humans, who among them exhibit every conceivable genetic polymorphism, co-exposure, psychological stress factor, and disease status that is deliberately engineered out of the laboratory or attenuated in the epidemiological raw material.
Accuracy of detection of major genes segregating in outbred population by Gibbs sampling using phenotypic values of quantitative traits.
Following Houle (1994), I rather consider that the mean fitness of a genotypic class depends on the relative proportions of inbred versus outbred individuals within this class.