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Clothing, such as hats, coats, and gloves, for use outdoors.


(Clothing & Fashion) clothing that is not worn underneath other clothing


(ˈaʊ tərˌwɛər)

1. garments, as overcoats, worn over other clothing for warmth or protection outdoors.
2. clothing, as dresses, sweaters, or suits, worn over undergarments.
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Noun1.outerwear - clothing for use outdoorsouterwear - clothing for use outdoors    
article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, wearable, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
robe, gown - outerwear consisting of a long flowing garment used for official or ceremonial occasions
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Bearhug Outerwear offers surrounded warmth that's replenished by your body's core resulting in possibly the highest warmth to weight ratio ever.
Turkey made the bulk of exports from the women's outerwear industry, with the country sending out women's outerwear worth US$ 8.
After twin brothers Pete and John Gaston graduated from CU-Boulder in 2009, they moved to Aspen with a plan to launch a technical outerwear company.
LUXURY goods firm Burberry posted a jump in retail sales today after seeing strong demand for accessories and outerwear.
American Utex International was the first North-American firm to work with factories in China to produce men's and women's outerwear.
Her department includes men's and women's sportswear, outerwear and sweaters; Woolrich Sporting Group; Disco very Channel Quest licensed apparel; and Woolrich Home & Outdoor Living.
Johnson, who started and managed a winter outerwear drive to benefit the nearby Alexandria Community Shelter, agreed.
Most outerwear is treated with an ultrathin coating called durable water repellent (DWR).
NEW YORK -- Sam Edelman, creative visionary and legend in the fashion industry, will expand his portfolio with the launch of the Sam Edelman Outerwear Collection.
In February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines about drawstrings in children's upper outerwear.
The building features new windows and elevators and is home to many prestigious outerwear tenants.