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The place where a sewer, drain, or stream discharges.


the end of a river, sewer, drain, etc, from which it discharges



the outlet or place of discharge as of a river.
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Noun1.outfall - the outlet of a river or drain or other source of water
exit, way out, outlet, issue - an opening that permits escape or release; "he blocked the way out"; "the canyon had only one issue"


[ˈaʊtfɔːl] N [of drain] → desagüe m, desaguadero m; [of river] → desembocadura f
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I have seen Frenchmen fight both in open field, in the intaking and the defending of towns or castlewicks, in escalados, camisades, night forays, bushments, sallies, outfalls, and knightly spear-runnings.
Such plumes have generally been a useful indicator of reactor operations, however, they were usually accompanied by a cooling water discharge near the river outfall.
Phase 1 of the Tieza drainage project covered the construction of the D'Mall pump station; the drainage- collection system; the access road and drainage line from Boracay Regency Road to Gallera de Boracay, the drainage canal going to emergency outfall along Red Coconut; replacement of all deteriorated steel gratings; and repair of all drainage outfall.
8 billion for other projects which were allocated for Right Bank Outfall Drainage (RBOD) projects due to differences between federal and Sindh governments.
By the time the first ocean outfall (Ipanema) was set up in 1975, there was not a specific regulation regarding the level of sewage treatment should have before being launched into the sea.
Last year a brown, foamy effluent was seen running into the stream, which is a tributary of the River Leven, and there were solid waste particles present in the water and around the outfall.
Manx Utilities in the Isle of Man has installed a new sea outfall pipe at Kirk Michael for the discharge of foul effluent from its treated waste water plant.
Therefore, submarine outfall construction is an effective way to discharge the sewage far away from the coast where diffusion, dispersion and dilution are enhanced.
Two other samples were taken at the Cagban jetty port and the drainage outfall in Sitio Bulabog along the eastern coast of the island.
Since wastewater reused for irrigation of fodder, fiber, and seed crops requires only primary treatment (screening and settling processes), each acre-foot reused could save about 200 KWH in direct energy requirements -- compared to ocean disposal -- by eliminating the secondary treatment and ocean outfall pumping.
Under EPA stormwater management requirements, towns must identify where their outfall pipes are located.