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n. Slang
A protruding navel.
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The Torque D1s come in a choice of colour trims and there's an innie or an outie, depending whether you prefer your leathers tucked in or over the top.
Annett says engineers are also looking at "providing an innie and outie with the pumps, changing the amount of time the loop takes.
The Champion Award, one of Out & Equal s annual Outie awards, recognizes a person who has played a pivotal role in championing equal treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees on the job and has shown a unique commitment to LGBT workplace rights.
A bonus feature of the Mumband[TM] is that it provides a shapewear-like effect, giving women a sleek look and hiding those unwanted attention spots, like outie belly buttons that are common with pregnancy.
Each piece has one 'outie' jigsaw tab and one 'innie' jigsaw socket; this makes it possible to assemble the pieces into a single, continuous loop where every piece's outie has been fitted into some other piece's innie.
There was a black jumper which more or less fit my exacting requirements - not so baggy that it made me look like an olive on a cocktail stick, not so tight that the casual observer would be able to tell if my belly button was an innie or an outie.
There are no nipples on show or anything so vulgar but there are an awful lot of plunging satin shirts and halter necks, while some tops are cut so low you can tell if Amy has an innie or an outie belly button.