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 (out′lănd′, -lənd)
1. A foreign land.
2. outlands The outlying areas of a country; the provinces.

out′land′ adj.


1. outlying or distant
2. archaic foreign; alien
(usually plural) the outlying areas of a country or region


(n. ˈaʊtˌlænd; adj. ˈaʊtˌlænd, -lənd)

1. Usu., outlands. the outlying districts or remote regions of a country; provinces.
2. a foreign land.
3. (formerly) the outlying land of a feudal estate.
4. outlying, as districts.
5. foreign.
[before 950]
References in classic literature ?
At the time he was lost in admiration at the deft way in which the jongleur disguised the loss of his two missing strings, and the lusty, hearty fashion in which he trolled out his little ballad of the outland bowmen, which ran in some such fashion as this:
But to get the full smack of it ye must yourselves be English bowmen, and be far off upon an outland soil.
Now Dingaan winced, for he knew well that he himself and one Mopo had stabbed the Black One, but he thought that this outland chief had not heard the tale, so he said no more of the message.
No white man, much less no outland man of the other bush-tribes, had gazed upon the Red One and lived.
Ballen provides photos and reflections on his career, practice, influences, and specific photos and projects, following each stage of his career from his first use of a camera in the 1970s to the release of his seminal monograph Outland in 2001, the expansion and refinement of his vision in the early 21st century, and the publication of his most recent work, The Theatre of Apparitions in 2016.
Tyrell Crosby, slotted to take over the starting spot at left tackle for Oregon this fall, was one of 70 players named to the Outland Trophy Watch list Friday.
US-based insurance broker Lockton has acquired US-based longtime partner in international mergers and acquisitions Outland Consultants, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 25, 2016-Lockton Buys Mergers and Acquisitions Specialist Outland Consultants
Insurance broker Lockton confirmed that it has purchased Outland Consultants, an international employee benefits consultancy in Glastonbury, Connecticut.
Talking to this scribe at his Cooperative Store residence on Monday, he said, the Punjab government was utilizing inland and outland resources for production of energy and emphasis being laid on completion of ongoing power projects.
The program engages First Nations youth aged 16 to 19 from around the North to live and work for six weeks at a facility operated by Outland Camps.
Dotti Outland, a state government lobbyist at a unit of UnitedHealth Group Inc.