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1. A person from a foreign country; a foreigner.
2. A stranger.


a foreigner or stranger


(ˈaʊtˌlæn dər)

1. a foreigner; alien.
2. an outsider; stranger.
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Noun1.outlander - a person who comes from a foreign countryoutlander - a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country
traveler, traveller - a person who changes location
au pair - a young foreigner who lives with a family in return for doing light housework
deportee, exile - a person who is expelled from home or country by authority
gringo - a Latin American (disparaging) term for foreigners (especially Americans and Englishmen)
importee, import - an imported person brought from a foreign country; "the lead role was played by an import from Sweden"; "they are descendants of indentured importees"
metic - an alien who paid a fee to reside in an ancient Greek city


A person coming from another country or into a new community:
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Not content with refusing revenue," he continued, "this outlander refuses also to beegar" (this is the corvee or forced labor on the roads), "and stirs my people up to the like treason.
He was indeed an outlander, but yet a Thibetan in language, habit and attire.
We be Lepchas of Darjiling, but me they call an outlander because my hair is as thou seest.
Diners, heimgangers, shop-girls, confidence men, panhandlers, actors, highwaymen, millionaires and outlanders hurried, skipped, strolled, sneaked, swaggered and scurried by me; but I took no note of them.
MITSUBISHI Motors will use the 2006 Paris Motor Show to launch its all-new mid-sized 4x4, the Outlander Sport.
EVEN Mitsubishi must have been surprised - and more than delighted - at the way sales of its big plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV took off, with more than 20,000 on British roads today.
THE growth in sales of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Vehicle) has prompted one dealership to increase their charging points threefold.
It is planning a crossover to be positioned between the Outlander and Outlander Sport.
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces today that the Outlander PHEV is now also able to supply electrical power to home using a V2H system in addition to be able to be charged from a domestic outlet.
Tokyo, Sept 29, 2014 - (JCN Newswire) - With technical support from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC), Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Australia(1) (TMR Australia) entered a plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV in the Australasian(2) Safari 2014 cross-country rally, which took place in Western Australia from September 19-27.