Migration out of one community, region, or country in order to reside in another.

out′mi′grate v.
out′mi′grant n.
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For example, keeping into view the rising trends of out migration, very optimistic projects of net outmigration for the Sixth Five Year Plan (1983-88) were made, which proved quite illusory giving a set-back to the planning process obliging the revision of the plan targets time and again during the plan period.
In Hicks' theory of wages, regional convergence would result from (1) immigration to high-wage areas putting downward pressure on wage rates and (2) outmigration from low-wage areas depleting the labor reserves and putting upward pressure on wage rates.
What has healed the ghettos, over and over, is outmigration into the fluid American mainstream.
Virgin Islands, births have been nearly double the number of deaths annually but net outmigration is driving negative growth rates.
The document includes tens of ideas which aim to meet three aims - to create a million Welsh speakers, stem outmigration and allow people to use the language in every part of life.
Four years after returning to Hearst to combat youth outmigration, Sylvie Fontaine said there are signs that the community's youth attraction and retention strategy is working.
Participants will be discussing the economic challenges facing New Hampshire, including the outmigration of the 35-to-44-year-old population and the resultant rise in the population s average age.
7-percent increase in outmigration of star scientists to the state with more favorable tax conditions.
The outmigration has not, however, dethroned Taiwan's footwear sector of its long-established title as the global shoemaking capital; because many of Taiwan's shoemakers have successfully adopted various strategies to make the most of local conditions: for examples the erstwhile available massive, cheap migrant labor in China, and relatively more sophisticated footwear-making know-how in Taiwan.
This program funds activities in a 34-county region of eastern and southern Arkansas where unemployment figures continue to rise and outmigration of young innovators is strong.
Distinctively Arctic characteristics include higher fertility and mortality, lower life expectancy, net outmigration, and younger age structures.