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The process of assisting a terminated employee find a new job.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a service that offers counselling and careers advice, esp to redundant executives, which is paid for by their previous employer


(ˈaʊtˌpleɪs mənt)

assistance in finding a new job, provided by a company for an employee who is being let go.
out`place′, v.t. -placed, -plac•ing.
replacement externe
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Commitments in France for 2018, in keeping with the 2017 DAEC: More than 1,300 new hires under permanent contracts, including 400 in manufacturing, to drive the commercial success of new models; At least half of entry-level positions filled by the Groups former interns or work study employees, with the hiring of at least 2,000 young people; More than 6,000 internal transfers and over 1,000 internal retraining courses; Secure around 1,300 outplacements (through retraining leave, business creation and career transition passports); The number of new hires and voluntary outplacements will therefore be balanced, and commitments to internal retraining and secure outplacement options will be maintained, backed by the same support programmes.
Despite a rapid growth and an ongoing need for outplacement services, little is known about the perceived adequacy and benefits of these services for the redundant employees using them.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 28, 2015-Randstad to Acquire US Outplacement Specialist RiseSmart
The acquired business specialises in offering customised outplacement and change management services to companies and individuals experiencing transition due to corporate restructurings, downsizings and layoffs.
Professional outplacement counseling as an organized profession is of fairly recent origin, developing within the past 20 years, within the aerospace industry.
AN outplacement specialist with a Huddersfield man at the helm is celebrating its 10th anniversary - with a present for people facing redundancy.
is a WBE-certified, premier provider of spouse/partner career management, relocation assistance and outplacement solutions.
CARDIFF-BASED career and outplacement consultancy Tony Charles Associates has been acquired by one of the UK's HR consultancies Penna.
Paul Harris, Penna's regional director for Wales, said: "I am delighted that Penna will have the opportunity to offer Tony's business clients future outplacement, executive coaching and assessment services.
To help facilitate this transition, many law firms and legal departments offer outplacement counseling to their terminated attorneys.
This is known as outplacement, which some human resources consultancies have started offering in Bulgaria.
While it is unclear if those losing their jobs are being offered career transition or outplacement assistance, public opinion seems to support the idea of employers or governments doing something to assist the recently retrenched (Human Resource Leader, 2009).