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vb (tr)
to exceed in pullingto draw a larger audience than



v.t. -drew, -drawn, -draw•ing.
1. to draw a gun, revolver, etc., from a holster, faster than (an opponent or competitor).
2. to prove a greater attraction than.
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We know that hand-addressed envelopes outpull labeled envelopes and that labeled envelopes outpull window envelopes.
The animal was compact but muscular, and word spread quickly that no horse could outrun or outpull him.
Two-page letters that are specific and informative usually outpull one-page letters filled with generalities.
One thing diesels could not do was outpull steam locomotives, and this caused ALCo executives to misjudge customer requirements.
They know that letters with postscripts almost invariably outpull letters without a PS, and little "lift notes" in the package boost response even more.
One of the most significant rules of all communication: Specifics outpull generalizations.
5" x 11" pages will outpull (perhaps by 10 percent) the same four-page letter in an 11" x 17" format.
Historically, longer letters outpull shorter ones even though studies show that people don't read every word.
Some claim two separate sheets will outpull the 11" x 17" but I haven't really seen it.
Teaser copy envelopes almost always outpull the plain vanilla approach regardless of what publishers may think about the nature of their audience ("Executives are turned off by 'promotional envelopes'").
Even though people say they don't read long letters (or letters of any length), tests show that with certain audiences, longer letters outpull shorter letters .
Although the results aren't in yet, Dugan hopes the Brochure with people will outpull the non-people version.