output signal

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Noun1.output signal - signal that comes out of an electronic system
signal, signaling, sign - any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message; "signals from the boat suddenly stopped"
printout - the output of a computer in printed form
readout, read-out - the output of a computer in readable form
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Advanced logic to verify proper operation by continuously monitoring the encoder output signal transitions and voltage levels.
Spread of IoT brings numerous sensors and THM3561 can drive motors according to the output signal from sensors, reducing the parts counts drastically.
This method replaces the oscilloscope on DPI or other immunity test methods, giving us the opportunity to receive output signal of the microcontroller in the automotive field.
The CPLD interface board has 15 single-ended PWM input signals, 16 differential PWM output signals, 4 differential Brake output signals and a differential Inverter Enable output signal.
The duty cycle (DC) of the PWM output signal is proportional to an applied magnetic field.
Output signal can be programmed to match the exact stroke range, regardless of where it starts and ends.
Its 4015 unit converts an output signal from any standard analog strain gauge cavity-pressure sensor into a 0-10 V output signal that can be used for process monitoring and control.
This multiplier uses a linear amplifier to multiply an input frequency of 100 MHz, generating an output signal at 2.
The size of the circle, which corresponds with the amplitude of the output signal, can vary within certain limits without influencing the measuring accuracy.
5 to 50 SCFM, and delivers a linear output signal proportional to total gas mass flow rate.
2] Monitor uses non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) digital processing technology with temperature compensation for a high-resolution, stable, and accurate output signal.