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Past tense of outrun.
References in classic literature ?
Tony was breathing hard, as she always did when her feelings outran her language.
Reality outran apprehension; Captain Ahab stood upon his quarter-deck.
Still, it came about that he outran them, doubling like a hare, and got away safely.
This inequality of the reputation to the works or the anecdotes is not accounted for by saying that the reverberation is longer than the thunder-clap, but somewhat resided in these men which begot an expectation that outran all their performance.
But woe the dog that outran his fellows in such pursuit
Thomson, I pay you my compliment; it was most artfully conducted; but in one point you somewhat outran my comprehension.
The two-year-old was green on his debut at Thirsk in April but outran his 50-1 odds with an encouraging sixth, not being knocked about when beaten.
Phoenix outran and outshot the Clippers early, and they never recovered in a 112-102 loss in front of 16,888 on Wednesday night at Staples Center.