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a. One who is excluded from or does not belong to a group, association, or set.
b. One who is isolated or detached from the activities or concerns of his or her own community.
2. A contestant given little chance of winning; a long shot.

out·si′der·ness n.


the state of being an outsider
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His forthcoming PT Barnum musical, The Greatest Showman, looks to be a timely celebration of outsiderness and inclusivity, with its bearded women, tattooed men, little people and conjoined twins.
I'm so anxious," he said of his reclusiveness, sounding as if he genuinely does not realize that he isn't the first 20-year-old to wear his social anxiety as a cloak of cool-kid outsiderness.
Though Al Harris never finds redemption on the show, the figure of the Jewish patriarch does; Uncle Sol, more than any other male figure on the show, is given the authority to bless Roseanne and Dan's intermarriage and procreation, even within an episode emphasizing Roseanne and Dan's outsiderness to Jewish traditions.
Billy's outsiderness is initially defined by his refusal to identify with the functional roles prevalent within the community.
The outsiderness started when I got beat up for killing Christ in Timmins [in Ontario, where Gehry lived during his adolescent years].
5) For example, in Olive Moore's novel Spleen (1930), the condition of pregnancy is fraught with the condition of exile and outsiderness as pregnant and middle-class Ruth struggles to find her place in her husband's restrictive upper-class family estate.
The outsiderness that I have experienced--in that entirely Russian office in Brooklyn when I was twenty-two, lying in bed in a room with high Stalinist ceilings in northwestern Russia, alone on a train grating its way through western Siberia with my American passport in my pillowcase and luggage under my feet--is an outsiderness undertaken, it must be said, solely out of curiosity, and not out of necessity.
For me, what has always given your work a serious depth is your interest in occupying (and beautifully filling out) a world of difference and outsiderness, and claiming it as the center--and then also taking into account whatever is in opposition to that.
Her opening tribute to the power of literature segues into revelatory close readings of the three novels she selected, after much deliberation, as salient expressions of the American spirit, specifically our restlessness, 'unending questioning,' and perpetual sense of outsiderness.
This review focuses on provision of definitional work about insider and outsiderness as for the authors it is this definitional work that is an appropriate starting place for understanding positionality.
This Vlogbrothers movement is a sort of "revenge of the nerds" type of thing--except the movie based on it would probably be called "the civil disobedience of the nerds," because John and Hank are about encouraging people to channel outsiderness into something productive, like living well through small acts of kindness.