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intr.v. o·ver·a·chieved, o·ver·a·chiev·ing, o·ver·a·chieves
To perform better or achieve more success than expected.

o′ver·a·chieve′ment n.
o′ver·a·chiev′er n.


(ˌoʊ vər əˈtʃi vər)
a person, esp. a child, who overachieves.
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Noun1.overachiever - a student who attains higher standards than the IQ indicated
educatee, pupil, student - a learner who is enrolled in an educational institution
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Misaki Ayuzawa is the class president of a predominantly male high school, and works hard to sharpen her reputation as an academic overachiever.
Now I'm not sure what the perception is of someone reading SUCCESS: overachiever, climber, nerd, getalife?
Stuttgart Ballet is renowned for its leading men, but even by the German company's standards, Constantine Allen is an overachiever.
IF A SWISS ARMY KNIFE were a room, it would be this overachiever.
com, 'Dead Boss' revolves around overachiever Helen Stephens, played by Krakowski, who is wrongfully convicted of murdering her boss and forced to rely on her sister Laura, played by Lupe, to prove she is not guilty.
Our top sports book, however, is the recently published Running My Life by Seb Coe, probably the best-written sports autobiography of the past decade, a fantastic story of a serial overachiever which manages to engage the reader on every page.
Doug Porter, deputy chief economist, BMO Capital Markets, said, 'Bottom Line, the FTA and NAFTA were critical in helping modernise the Canadian economy and have ultimately played a big role in transforming Canada from a relative underachiever among industrial world economies to a relative overachiever.
President Obama has been an overachiever on immigration enforcement, far outpacing his predecessor, George W.
Her programs draw upon her experience as a nurse, author, speaker, coach, rehabilitation equestrienne, wife, sales star, volunteer, fundraiser, actress, recuperating overachiever and recovering superwoman.
The storyline seems to be that she, an overachiever, wants to reveal through anecdote and insight, the brutal stress that today's schools, tests, and parents exert on students who are just a bit younger than she.
FRENCH rally ace and all-round overachiever Sebastian Loeb has clinched the 2006 World Rally Championship for himself from the comfort of his armchair.