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Drinking coffee out of a plastic cup going squishy with the heat is one bad thing, but the overbearingly sweet and horribly bitter taste of a drink which was almost unrecognisable as coffee was too extreme for my palate.
While the EyeOn is billed as offering 16 feet of visibility when the lights go out, during my tests it performed poorly, delivering a dark and unclear feed of my little one's cot which only improved slightly when placed overbearingly close - not ideal when you need to keep power leads out of the grasp of little hands.
It remains a great show, and after three months of The Voice coaches being overbearingly nice to average singers, Cowell's home truths are refreshing.
Its very fetishisation in 'town', then, could be read (by both me and ni-Vanuatu) as evidence of cosmological destabilisation; the invisible becoming threateningly or overbearingly present.
I have a hard time not overbearingly hugging and kissing them,'' said Chad Fellows, as he watched them lean into each other to whisper during Sophie's group therapy.
The lack of a fixed distance from them reinforces the atmosphere of a continual, multiform attack alternately intruding overbearingly and leaning back superciliously" (44).
Quizzically, as Karzai was spiritedly berthing the Indians overbearingly powerfully in his state structure, no lesser on the CIA's promptings, he was all the while keeping the shrill on noisily that Pakistan was craving for strategic depth in Afghanistan.
He is overbearingly assured in his assessments of opera and of what constitutes great singing, but he is oddly unable to pin down what is wrong with Hawes's approach to music and instead struggles with vague impressions.
In some movies you don't hear character names enough; here they are overbearingly overused.
To be fair, the work draws upon scholarly arguments derived from lessons learned from anthropology's colonial and neo-colonial legacies and is not meant to be overbearingly antagonistic in its approach.
This destination is perfect for those looking to enjoy some sunbathing on the beach as well as some urban exploration, and temperatures in Autumn are still warm without being overbearingly hot.
But although there is a decidedly festive feel to proceedings, it is not overbearingly so like The Santa Clause series, for example.