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Past tense and past participle of overbuy.
Characterized by excessively high prices owing to prior heavy buying and a concomitant rise in prices: an overbought stock market.
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8% Fibonacci resistance with the stochastic in overbought territory.
Looking forward, we note that the index is entering overbought territory once again in terms of RSI (relative strength index)-although trading at overbought levels is not an uncommon occurrence for breakouts,' Papa Securities said.
Moving forward, Tiu said the market may still continue its positive momentum but a correction looms as Philippine shares start becoming overbought again.
The RSI, which had been consolidating near the overbought zone over the last few days, has started to move lower.
Perhaps, of course, there will be a local rebound, but it should come overbought, but it can only be realized after the end of the reporting season.
Dubai: UAE markets retreated on Sunday as investors continued their profit taking in what analysts see as overbought conditions.
After opening slightly higher, the Nikkei soon sank into negative territory due to concerns about an overbought market with the index having surged more than 1,500 points since Wednesday last week, brokers said.
Government-invested banks overbought several billions of NT dollars of blue-chip stocks yesterday (Oct.
Measures the relative distance of the closing price and the current bar to the previous candles<br> - Shows Overbought and Oversold Areas<br> - Signals to buy or sell should be taken in the <strong><span style="text-decoration: underline;">direction of the daily trend</span></strong><br> - The Stochastics Pop Strategy can be used to trade with increasing momentum<br> - Indicates Positive or Negative Divergence<br> - Three types of Stochastics: <strong>Fast</strong>&nbsp;Stochastics, <strong>Slow</strong>&nbsp;Stochastics and<br> <strong>Full</strong>&nbsp;Stochastics
Both sides overbought the airwaves, not to get their message across, but to generate commissions.
In 1999 and 2000, the corporate side overbought space, particularly in New York, because of centralization.