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The upper social stratum of society, composed of wealthy and professional people, especially when viewed as controlling society's economic power.


(Sociology) a dominant group in society


(ˈoʊ vərˌklæs, -ˌklɑs)
a social stratum consisting of educated and wealthy persons considered to control the economic power of a country.
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Entering the overclass cities being impossible, commoners left outside are faced with a new world devoid of high technology, but rich in spirit and imagination.
And not just for the tiny overclass that can afford to get organic dapple dandy pluots from Frog Hollow Farm delivered to their door via Goodeggs.
George Osborne's weekend gift of a 5p cut in the top income tax rate is the ConDem scoundrels feather-bedding the overclass.
As a domestic policy, D'Souza explains, post-colonialism is always about humbling the overclass by subordinating it to the power of government.
Then as now, Americans were baffled by wars that their overclass had so thoughtfully provided them.
Mi Guadalupe was there always during those "decades of nights" it took to earn degrees, and even more, to earn a place to live in a world that so shuns those not like the overclass.
Adam the hind will not return the class contempt, remaining so sympathetically in ideological complicity with overclass scorn that Orlando confidently includes him in a trick on Oliver: "Go apart, Adam, and thou wilt hear how he will shake me up" (1.
Now the director of a documentary and author of a book, both titled NEWBOs: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass, Hawkins has the gigs everyone wants.
Moreover, class I SMPs offer instrinsically shorter overall cycle times overclass II SMPs ([T.
As agents of imperialism Enniskillen drillers became part of an imperial overclass by virtue of their "whiteness," "Britishness," and technical expertise in the mining and refining of petroleum.
I call it the overclass, and it represents a great triumph for the United States and for the West.
These represent the primogeniture and entail of the white overclass.