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v. o·ver·came (-kām′), o·ver·come, o·ver·com·ing, o·ver·comes
1. To defeat (another) in competition or conflict: overcame the opposing team in the last quarter.
2. To deal with successfully; prevail over; surmount: tried to overcome the obstacles of poverty.
3. To overpower, as with emotion; affect deeply: was overcome with grief.
To surmount opposition; be victorious.
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Ten times must thou reconcile again with thyself; for overcoming is bitterness, and badly sleep the unreconciled.
A nice story to go back to the coast--a dozen of you and one missionary, without weapons, weak as a woman, overcoming all of you.
Hairy monsters were overcoming his fighting men, and a black chieftain like himself was fighting shoulder to shoulder with the hideous pack that opposed him.
Overcoming Obstacles, the award winning nonprofit life skills curriculum publisher, has just announced the publication of its new, and highly anticipated, elementary level curriculum to complete its suite of free Kindergarten through 12th grade life skills activities and lessons.
He said overcoming energy crisis will be the top most priority of the new government along with revival of economy.
Stress in specific settings, from bullying in the workplace to making mistakes and working with trauma, is covered in a survey that blends the case histories of social workers with examples of routes to overcoming common problems, making this a 'must' for business and health and psychology holdings alike.
Specifically designed for use with children ages 11 through 16 (grades 6-10), it is a thoroughly researched, step-by-step instruction guide to dealing with and overcoming the painful childhood experience of being bullied.
A Spiritual Path To Overcoming Infertility Matthew McQuaid Reverence Press 263 Lange Street, Lakeport, CA 95453 Cypress House, dist.
BEATING THE BLUES: New Approaches to Overcoming Dysthymia and Chronic Mild Depression MICHAEL E.
If you struggle with violent or unpleasant thoughts which just keep coming back, you may have obsessive-compulsive disorder--and if so, OVERCOMING OBSESSIVE THOUGHTS can help get a handle on the problem.
La Canada used a ball-control offense to grind out yardage, overcoming 158 yards in penalties.
In context, overcoming seems to refer to heroic and sustained effort against all odds.