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v. o·ver·cor·rect·ed, o·ver·cor·rect·ing, o·ver·cor·rects
To correct beyond what is needed, appropriate, or usual, especially when resulting in a mistake.
To correct something to an excessive or unusual degree.

o′ver·cor·rec′tion n.


excessive correction


n. sobrecorrección, acción de corregir en exceso un defecto visual por medio de lentes.
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That has been promptly done, however there seems to more than a little overcorrection on part of the police authorities.
She wrote, "The possibility of an overcorrection is much less worrisome than all of the injustices that led us to this moment.
You wonder if his election was - for lack of a better term - an overcorrection to an era where we saw the first black president, a woman as a major political-party nominee, same-sex marriage - "There are things about the world that are changing and there is a coterie of Americans who don't want it to change, and want the America of the '50s back.
First, excessive release of medial soft tissue can lead to valgus overcorrection in patients treated with medial UKA.
Any amount of overcorrection or undercorrection were measured by alternate prism bar cover test.
I'd overcorrect and go back, the camera would correct for my overcorrection, and I'd overcorrect again, leaving me ping-ponging around the subject I was trying to follow.
The road to recovery for trauma-impacted inmates is a long one, littered with off-road antics, rest stops, overcorrection, return to criminal behavior and recidivism.
A concern in the use of rVIIa is overcorrection of international normalized ratio (INR) and thrombotic events (Le Roux et al.
g, wound breakdown, wound infection, recurrence of deformities, overcorrection and stiff feet due to the fibrosis.
By that I mean we now have the means, ability and technology to implement more innovative, less invasive techniques, and that can lead to overcompensation or overcorrection," he said.
Surgeon satisfaction was also better in SRG than FLG as the procedure was easy, less time consuming, and easily adjustable in case of undercorrection or overcorrection when compared with FLG.