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Noun1.overcrossing - a bridge designed for pedestriansovercrossing - a bridge designed for pedestrians  
bridge, span - a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
gangboard, gangplank, gangway - a temporary bridge for getting on and off a vessel at dockside
jet bridge - an extendible bridge for loading passengers onto large commercial airplanes; provides protected access to the plane from the gate
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Tenders are invited for Design & Engineering Services for the SVBX Montague Expressway Pedestrian Overcrossing
Monday through Thursday along the thoroughfare from Harlow Road to the Interstate 5 overcrossing.
The project includes doubling the number of lanes on the Pelandale overcrossing from three to six and building new ramps to connect SR-99 with Sisk Road and Salida Boulevard instead of busy Pelandale Avenue.
Schroder Overcrossing along the Iron Horse Trail in the San Francisco Bay area; design lead for the Gerald Desmond Bridge, to be the first cable-stayed highway bridge in California with a 1,000-ft main span; and the reference design for the design/build of the 3-mile-long Tappan Zee Bridge Replacement between Westchester and Rockland Counties in New York.
This less-expensive plan excludes reconstructing an existing overcrossing between Burbank Boulevard.
the white overcrossing pathways into the upper meadows
TYLI's vision for the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Overcrossing incorporated simple, clean lines that enhance and enable unobstructed, 360 degree views of its beautiful San Diego environs.
intersections to bridge overcrossing will be widened by an additional lane.
That's because, in addition to concrete work near the ramps, the project includes replacing the rail on the overcrossing at the Exit 162 interchange, officials said.
The city is planning a $933,000 bikeway/pedestrian overcrossing over Sierra Highway north of Avenue Q so people can safely cross the railroad tracks from the civic center, youth library and Hammack Recreation Center.
This type of interchange is seldom a problem and is considered the most desirable as far as preventing wrong-way movements, especially if reflective markers and a double yellow stripe or other barrier is used on the overcrossing bridge to keep motorists on the proper side.