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The condition of a heterozygote having a phenotype that is more pronounced or better adapted than that of either homozygote.

o′ver·dom′i·nant adj.


excessive dominance
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It has enjoyed sufficient oak exposure to provide smoothness and a butterscotch background without overdominance.
In goats, it was reported that the INHA 651A/G polymorphism was a potential marker for the mean litter size of the second parity in Boer goats, which showed an overdominance effect (Wu et al.
Identification of the single base change causing the callipyge muscle hypertrophy phenotype, the only known example of polar overdominance in mammals.
Genetic studies on the Pacific abalone-I inbreeding and overdominance as evidenced by biochemical polymorphism in a wild population.
Inbreeding depression results from the expression of deleterious recessive alleles or from overdominance (Charnov, 1982; Charlesworth and Willis, 2009).
From shiny boardrooms to miners' informal shack housing, the economy's overdominance by finance is leading to economic choices that increase inequality and undermine long-term social and economic stability.
2], and in both studied traits gene overdominance was observed.
Rugby union has become a dour game, with too much emphasis on physical strength and scant reward for the admirable skills of footwork and handling, compounded by the overdominance of the kicker in deciding the result of a large number of games.
262) The overdominance of the Security Service in this process is evident in these rules of nondisclosure.
Heterosis and overdominance following long-term selection for body weight in Japanese quail.