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High over the tree-tops, in a widespread, trailing, noisy crew, there fly, with resounding cries, flocks of birds which seem to darken and overlay the very heavens.
Towards nine o'clock he smoothed his ruffled aspect, and, presenting as respectable and business-like an exterior as he could overlay his natural self with, issued forth to the occupation of the day.
I felt a strong desire to overlay the incident with an even added measure of grossness; so, the further I proceeded, the more did the gusto of my proceeding increase.
Nor wanted clouds of foot, nor, on each horn, Cuirassiers all in steel for standing fight, Chariots, or elephants indorsed with towers Of archers; nor of labouring pioners A multitude, with spades and axes armed, To lay hills plain, fell woods, or valleys fill, Or where plain was raise hill, or overlay With bridges rivers proud, as with a yoke: Mules after these, camels and dromedaries, And waggons fraught with utensils of war.
Like a savage tigress that tossing in the jungle overlays her own cubs, so the sea dashes even the mightiest whales against the rocks, and leaves them there side by side with the split wrecks of ships.
Overlay attacks are increasingly being deployed to steal user login information.
Keywords: overlay topology, Super-Relay nodes, betweenness centrality, resilient routing, one-hop path recovery
Overlays bring the promise of simplifying the orchestration of data center resources, and having one common configuration protocol ensures consistent behavior across different overlay and underlay combinations, providing a lower cost of ownership in the process.
Overlay technique: The initial steps in exposing the tympanic membrane through post auricular incision for the overlay are similar to that of underlay technique.
The unit cost of patching of concrete pavements is more than six times the cost of the concrete overlay.
In Mississippi County, Delta will handle a 2-mile overlay project on U.
Many of the surfaces that lend themselves to an overlay are flat, but you can easily form the piece to lie flat on a curved surface.