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We call them "youthful indiscretions," but I think that whitewashing phrase shows that we've overlearned the lesson.
I opposed the 2003 invasion of Iraq, but I worry that the West has overlearned from the consequences of Bush's decision.
The potential for Audacious Euphony to spark active discussion lies in Cohn's request for readers "to suspend some overlearned habits" regarding the pedagogy of most North American music theory textbooks (p.
But to the extent that the legal system--and even legal academics--now ignore developments in the mental health disciplines, the lesson of healthy scepticism has been overlearned.
When thinking disrupts intellectual performance: Mindfulness in an overlearned task.
It is a bit too simplistic to define absolute treatment boundaries other than to say most medication interventions tend to impact neurobiological substrates, while habit reversal or exposure-response prevention addresses the overlearned or forces that drive or motivate the behaviors.
Tasks are much easier once they are highly overlearned, and when that happens they require less attention for completion and far less executive control.
In the masking experiment the most important role is probably carried out by the sensory memory, because only two stimulus alternatives of highly overlearned stimulus-type are used, which does not exceed the working memory capacity or pose serious problems for longterm memory processes [18].
For example automatic control of overlearned sequences of movement (such as walking) are generally considered to be under the control of the basal ganglia which send an internal prompt to the supplementary motor area to release each subcomponent in the sequence of movement.
It is the overlearned, effortless, automatic, visual (Adams, 1990), and tactile (Millar, 1997) recognition of letters, letter sequences, and whole words that is crucial for fluent reading.
The poor things had overlearned and were deep into neurotic ritual.