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1. An overnight stay or trip.
2. One making an overnight stay or trip.
3. Something relating to or used for overnight travel.


1. a person making an overnight stop
2. informal a bag used for an overnight stop
3. informal an overnight stop


(ˌoʊ vərˈnaɪ tər)

2. a person making an overnight stay.
3. something serving overnight travel, as a special train or an overnight bag.
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Noun1.overnighter - a guest who stays overnightovernighter - a guest who stays overnight    
guest - a customer of a hotel or restaurant etc.
2.overnighter - a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnightovernighter - a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight
suitcase, traveling bag, travelling bag, grip, bag - a portable rectangular container for carrying clothes; "he carried his small bag onto the plane with him"
valise - a small overnight bag for short trips
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The Fun Drive which began as a day drive on March 28, 1986, has come a long way to include seven day drives, 25 overnighters, one Abu Dhabi day drive and three Friday Fun drives.
The inaugural ship call by Thomson Cruises, the first ever UK based cruise line to home port in Dubai, will be amongst the ten maiden ship calls this season, which ranges from overnighters to two-night stop-overs.
He became our center of attention-because he could out-talk our bunch of homesick graders (we got homesick during overnighters then, we were that pristine).
Oil boom documentary - "The Overnighters," a film documentary about the human consequences of the oil boom in a North Dakota town will be shown at 7 p.
56kg), PS40 Matalan 9 in the bag A Fred Perry classic black barrel bag is ideal for overnighters, PS60 Urban Outfitters 10 save face Elemis' Biarritz Travel Collection (Sensitive) will keep skin looking and feeling fresh, PS28, elemis.
Yellowfin tuna will be the rewards for those long day trips, or overnighters, to areas east of the Gulf Stream, known to local anglers as the "other side.
So far, there have been seven Day Drives, 22 Overnighters, one Abu Dhabi Day Drive and three Friday Fun Drives, thus making 33, with this event being 34th.
Up through its devastating reveal, The Overnighters questions the motivations behind (and consequences of) our choices and convictions.
And will involve a late lunch, an evening "do" (with all the kerching-ing that implies), another round of early-hours nightclubby-carousery, and then, for the overnighters, a post-postpost-birthday breakfast and a lot of slightly hurty feet and heads.
The Overnighters is a movie that most importantly asks us to distinguish between wearing a Christian persona and being a Christian.
Or so I thought Six years into weekends of spontaneous getaways and overnighters to the White Mountains, the nest had a new member.
We're giving away PS500 worth of overnighters as the prestigious hotel opens nine brand new family rooms.