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 (ō′vər-sō′, ō′vər-sō′)
tr.v. o·ver·sewed, o·ver·sewn (-sōn′) or o·ver·sewed, o·ver·sew·ing, o·ver·sews
To sew with overhand stitches.
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Adj.1.oversewn - sewn together with overhand stitches (close vertical stitches that pass over and draw the two edges together)
hand-crafted, handmade - made by hand or a hand process; "delicate handmade baby dresses"
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He was subsequently taken to the operating room, the fistula was identified, and the area oversewn with the scalene medius muscle while protecting the phrenic nerve; however, a small leak was still observed.
Both renal veins had the thrombus excluded from circulation via side biting vascular clamping and were oversewn after division with 4-0 vascular Prolene baseball suture.
The ventriculus was closed with 5-0 PDS (Ethicon; Johnson & Johnson, Somerville, NJ, USA) in a continuous apposing pattern oversewn with 6-0 PDS in a Lembert pattern.
4,19) Recurrent pneumothorax in PAM should be managed with thoracotomy and excision of affected areas of lung, and subsequent lung defects should be oversewn and buttressed.
The perforation was oversewn and repaired with an omental patch.
The outfield is cut to 25mm all winter then will be oversewn with seed in late February.
The distal end, destined for the right upper quadrant, is oversewn and the Roux limb is measured to from 40 to 50 cm.
Cyst walls were excised, fluid was drained and edges of the lung parenchyma were oversewn.
Necklines were either folded over, stitched down and decorated with a cut-work trim, or bound with woolen trade cloth and oversewn with buckskin thong.
12,13) This type of repair has also been augmented with an 8 cm segment of the adductor magnus tendon, which is oversewn over the repaired MPFL.