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1. The highest layer of vegetation in a forest, usually forming the canopy.
2. The trees in a forest whose crowns constitute this layer.


(ˈoʊ vərˌstɔr i, -ˌstoʊr i)

n., pl. -ries.
the forest canopy.
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Along the Missouri River, the cover was what a hunter with a good spaniel would seek: a mix of rosebush, willows, cattails, snowberry, and juniper, beneath an overstory of cottonwood trees.
When treated forest burns in a wildfire, there is generally less effect on the forest overstory than in untreated forest, suggesting that treatments can increase forest resilience to future disturbance.
Next, reduce the overstory tree density gradually to the levels noted above.
The overstory of the lowland area was populated by black and red mangroves.
In central, less seasonal forests, overstory species access water from deep soil layers (to depths of 8 m or more) to counteract drought and maintain their crowns throughout the year (Nepstad et al.
7%) of the observation sites and were the dominant overstory plant at 250 (76%) sites.
Understory vegetation includes lowbush blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) and seedlings from overstory trees.
In some forests the proportions of fire-sensitive, shade-tolerant species such as white fir (Abies concolor) and incense cedar (Libocedrus decurrens) increased in both the understory and overstory at the expense of the shade-intolerant pines.
The SpatialCover CHM product provides spatially explicit information on canopy height across the state of Indiana by mapping tree overstory height above ground as a continuous surface.
Permanent plot analysis revealed that the five most important species in the overstory [based on relative importance] are Acer saccharum, Quercus alba, Celtis occidentalis, Prunus serotina, and Ulmus americana.
When you're working in whitebark pine, you are always learning something new Perhaps the most surprising observation was that small seedling and sapling whitebark pine can often be as old as the overstory.
Tree and shrub growth has reduced the ability for the turtles to successfully nest due to the overstory shading.