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tr.v. o·ver·taxed, o·ver·tax·ing, o·ver·tax·es
1. To subject to an excessive burden or strain.
2. To tax in excess of what is considered appropriate or just.

o′ver·tax·a′tion n.


(Law) the act or instance of being overtaxed
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TMAP said it would propose remedies for overtaxation resulting from inflation, for adjusting tax rates for regional and global competitiveness, as well as for adopting a fair and just tax system to protect taxpayers' rights.
This Article shows that this is inappropriate as a matter of fundamental tax policy and results in the overtaxation of the working family.
And while it's surely no shock that Huckabee thinks overtaxation and overregulation have made California a less desirable place to live than Texas, his use of a U-Haul trailer price index to prove his point is admirably clever.
Some operators are facing overtaxation in some countries, making
Some operators are facing overtaxation in some countries, making their activity more challenging as they have to face investments to improve their services.
The 1954 ALI Draft examined the potential overtaxation to the cash contributor and undertaxation to the property contributor, but suggested that the property contributor could compensate the cash contributor for the tax savings transferred to the property contributor.
This legislation is a significant gesture to the community of business owners who have survived a recession, as well as overtaxation and overregulation at every level of government," NFIB/Texas said in a statement last month.
A far more efficient policy mix would be to decrease public expenditures and welfare payments, cut tax rates, end the overtaxation of savings, and decrease regulation (particularly in the labor market).
You can buy such a policy for yourself or for an aging parent in order to protect his or her estate from overtaxation.
Measures leading to overtaxation of this sort are sometimes labelled 'tax disincentives'.
And as you go through life, remember this: All taxes are regressive, to the economy and to the human spirit, and overtaxation is slavery.
Seemingly every year, the city's proposed budget drew criticism from pressure groups such as the Coalition of Sarnia Taxpayers (COST) and Sarnia Taxpayers Overtaxation Protection (STOP), which demanded that municipal spending be curbed (Bowen 2004; Dobson 2002b).