Past participle of overwear.
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Until that happens, and it really does take flight as it heads towards a cliffhanging final battle, there is an overworn gag about Bilbo Baggins finding his home invaded by a bunch of ravenous dwarves.
The overworn cliche is that the Caravan is really nothing but an inflated 182 and although that overstates the case a little, it's not far off dead center, either.
WORCESTER - After watching Ben Affleck and his cronies knock over Fenway Park in "The Town" (2010), we may wonder what could possibly be left to excite us from the overworn genre of the heist movie.
But the dynamics of the situation in the region have changed, and this latest push to resuscitate negotiations, despite its overworn phrasebook, does appear to represent something new: a potential last chance for the US to hold its position as guarantor of the peace process before key players abandon it in search of other paths.
Those early overworn points of reference, though, continue to limit readings of Bishop's poetic engagement, of how this "poets poet" also responded critically to poetic models and precedents.
Few things are cooler than an overworn shirt from a concert by the Stones, the Strokes, Led Zep etc.
Leslie's student's frustration with her own literacy development was evident in her overworn and damaged erasers.
Last September we concluded HCW was "unfit for purpose" - that overworn but apt description of so many of Britain's current political structures.
Running from Pugin to the present day, it is too wide, too questionable, and for the most part couched in overworn stylistic terms--Modernism, New Modernism, Expressionism, Rationalism.
Sosa is an exciting new voice and is doing fresh and inventive things without falling into the overworn clichs of Cuban music.
What masks the overworn nature of Wallace's observation are the density and cleverness that shrouds the writing.