own up

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Verb1.own up - admit or acknowledge a wrongdoing or error; "the writer of the anonymous letter owned up after they identified his handwriting"
concede, confess, profess - admit (to a wrongdoing); "She confessed that she had taken the money"
يَعْتَرِف بِذَنْبِهيُقَرِبُ
přiznat (se)
játa hreinskilnislega
thú nhận

w>own up

vies zugeben; come on, own up(nun) gib schon zu; to own up to somethingetw zugeben; he owned up to stealing the moneyer gab zu or er gestand, das Geld gestohlen zu haben


(əun) verb
1. to have as a possession. I own a car.
2. to admit that something is true. I own that I have not been working very hard.
adjective, pronoun
belonging to (the person stated). The house is my own; I saw it with my own eyes.
ˈowner noun
a person who owns something. Are you the owner of that car?
ˈownership noun
get one's own back
to revenge oneself. He has beaten me this time, but I'll get my own back (on him).
own up (often with to)
to admit that one has done something. He owned up to having broken the window.

own up

يُقَرِبُ přiznat (se) tilstå zugeben αναγνωρίζω σφάλμα reconocer tunnustaa avouer priznati confessare すっかり白状する 인정하다 opbiechten tilstå przyznać się confessar признавать(ся) erkänna สารภาพ sahip çıkmak thú nhận 承认
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Foundation attorneys are confident that they will force the Teamsters officials to own up to their wrongdoing.
More than 200 veterans have already chosen to become their own boss with The UPS Store, applying the leadership and teamwork skills they learned in the military to open and run their own UPS Store franchise.
Rugby has come a long way since those days of infancy, enduring its own ups and downs along the way, indeed in 1895 the much heralded birth of Rugby League took place in Huddersfield, a new beginning for the game of Rugby in Northern England that would lay the foundations for our game.
In his 67 years, he had his own ups and downs, but his experience appeared to give him admirable humour, humility and hope.