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A variety of sweet cherry having large juicy fruit.

[From its shape.]


(Plants) a heart-shaped cultivated cherry



any heart-shaped variety of cherry.
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Noun1.oxheart - any of several cultivated sweet cherries having sweet juicy heart-shaped fruitsoxheart - any of several cultivated sweet cherries having sweet juicy heart-shaped fruits
Prunus avium, sweet cherry - large Eurasian tree producing small dark bitter fruit in the wild but edible sweet fruit under cultivation
2.oxheart - large heart-shaped sweet cherry with soft flesh
black cherry, sweet cherry - any of several fruits of cultivated cherry trees that have sweet flesh
blackheart cherry, blackheart - heart cherry with dark flesh and skin cherry
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Scattered throughout the book are profiles of those Craig considers to be the top ten tastiest--Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Green Giant, Lillian's Yellow Heirloom, Lucky Cross, Mexican Midget, Nepal, Polish, Sun Gold, Yellow Oxheart.
Other newcomers include Blanca (New York); Sons & Daughters (San Francisco); Cafe Juanita (Kirkland, WA); and the trio of Oxheart, Pass & Provisions (both in Houston), and Uchi (Austin) - the first time three Texas restaurants made the list.
Amber Balakian's heirloom-tomato sauces from Reedley, California, come in transcendent flavors like Green Zebra, Yellow Roman, and Pink Oxheart.
The Australian Great Oxheart is a large heart-shaped tomato with very few seeds.