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v. ox·i·dized, ox·i·diz·ing, ox·i·diz·es
1. To combine with oxygen; make into an oxide.
2. To increase the positive charge or valence of (an element) by removing electrons.
3. To coat with oxide.
To become oxidized.

ox′i·diz′a·ble adj.
ox′i·di·za′tion (-dĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.oxidization - the process of oxidizingoxidization - the process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction
calcination - the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature
chemical reaction, reaction - (chemistry) a process in which one or more substances are changed into others; "there was a chemical reaction of the lime with the ground water"
combustion, burning - a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light
nitrification - the oxidation of ammonium compounds in dead organic material into nitrates and nitrites by soil bacteria (making nitrogen available to plants)
rusting, rust - the formation of reddish-brown ferric oxides on iron by low-temperature oxidation in the presence of water
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All external surface of the chute should have an application of a special fire retardant paint of two millimetres thick to eliminate sound and leakage and to prevent oxidization.
They found it was sometime between 540 and 420 million years ago that iron in the undersea volcanic rocks first showed signs of oxidization.
The city of Karachi estimated to be a dwelling of around 30 million people have three major water filtration and oxidization plants and, ironically, none are working and since when no one knows.
The authors report a quasi-freestanding silicene layer that has been successfully obtained through oxidization of bilayer silicene on the Ag(lll) surface.
Automotive paints provide protection against acid rains, UV-rays, oxidization, corrosion and in some cases it also provides scratch resistance to the vehicles.
Air purification by using photocatalysts produced in this research can be a good replacement for other air purification methods due to its reasonable price, high efficiency, non-toxicity and production of harmless bi-products due to the oxidization of polluting gases.
The green leaves are picked, dried and crushed before being processed in hour-long oxidization to enhance the aroma.
The most common offence reported in these centers is the failure of disposing expired cosmetics, availability of blends that fall short of the health conditions, some blends do not have labelling or contain herbal mixes or creams of anonymous origin, mal storage of some items rendering them exposed to oxidization, and the failure to comply with the cleanliness of equipment & place,".
The removal of oxygen from the pouch prevents the proliferation of microorganisms which are dependent on oxygen and it inhibits the oxidization process.
The combination of EGR and SCR, plus a diesel oxidization catalyst (DOC), increases the efficiency of the SCR process.
Caption: Glass fixtures connected to bladders inside the barrels prevent oxidization.