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Of or using a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen: an oxyhydrogen torch.


(General Engineering)
a. a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen used to provide an intense flame for welding
b. (as modifier): an oxyhydrogen blowpipe.


(ˌɒk sɪˈhaɪ drə dʒən)

pertaining to or involving a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen.
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BRAZING, a metal-joining process whereby a filler metal is heated above and distributed between two or more close-fitting parts by capillary action, has now been made safe and efficient with mixed oxyhydrogen gas generators.
In furnaces we see gases of entirely different luminosity from that of solids, and the strongest [hottest] flame that is known--that is, that of the oxyhydrogen blowpipe--is it not one of the least luminous?
The patent application describes the technique by electrolysis to produce oxyhydrogen for the company's 'Hydrogen On Demand' hybrid conversion kits.