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 (ō′yĕs′, ō′yĕz′, ō′yā′) also o·yes (ō′yĕs′)
Said loudly three times in succession to call a court to order when the session begins.

[Middle English, from Anglo-Norman French, hear ye, imperative pl. of oyer, to hear, from Latin audīre; see au- in Indo-European roots.]


(əʊˈjɛs; -ˈjɛz) or


a cry, usually uttered three times, by a public crier or court official for silence and attention before making a proclamation
such a cry
[C15: via Anglo-Norman from Old French oiez! hear!]


or o•yes

(ˈoʊ yɛs, ˈoʊ yɛz)

1. hear! attend! (uttered by court officers, and formerly by public criers, to command silence before a proclamation).
2. a cry of “oyez.”
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Anglo-French, pl. imperative of oyer to hear, Old French oïr < Latin audīre]


- Meaning a call for silence and attention, it descends from Anglo-Norman oyez/oiez, "to hear" or "hear ye."
See also related terms for silence.


[əʊˈjez] EXCL¡oíd!


interj (old)Achtung, Achtung
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The trumpets then again flourished, and a herald, stepping forward, proclaimed aloud, ``Oyez, oyez, oyez.
Dressed in his full bright blue crier costume, he rallied a crowd with his traditional call of "oyez, oyez, oyez"before launching into a rendition of a piece written to mark the occasion by the royalist Loyal Company of Town Criers of which he is a part.
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Series four gets under way with a very loud, "Oyez, oyez, oyez".
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He proclaimed his final "Oyez, oyez, oyez" at the city council's annual New's Year's Levee.
Eighty Pieces in Eight Sets: Marster Buckt Tho Nitid I Makar Vanisht I Oyez Ftinee, 1972, whose seventy displayed components--wispy square supports of material including gauze, plastic, and tissue paper; scrawled references to artists; awkward circles composed from fibrous texture--were each named after text from John Berryman's 77 Dream Songs.
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Her poems have been published in Folio, Fulcrum # 6 and # 7, Phoebe, The Caribbean Writer, Poem, The Oyez Review, Compass Rose, The Dirty Goat, The Spoon River Review, The Atlanta Review, and The Distillery.
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