1. One who gathers, cultivates, or sells oysters.
2. Nautical An oyster-dredging vessel.


n, pl -men
1. a person who gathers, cultivates, or sells oysters
2. (Nautical Terms) a boat used in gathering oysters


(ˈɔɪ stər mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who gathers, cultivates, or sells oysters.
Also called oys′ter•er.
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He has been an oysterman all his life and taught Deb oyster harvesting when they first met.
When defining their self-concept, individualistic people tend to employ personal descriptors such as trait attributes, whereas collectivists adopt social descriptors such as situational and role-specific factors (Cousins, 1989; Oysterman et al.
Our procedure for finding good-quality beds was to show an oysterman a map of an oyster harvesting area and then ask him to point out good sites.
Furthermore, as the veteran oysterman Felix explains to Rusty, intruding salt water brings into estuaries schools of black drum, which in minutes can devour oyster beds that take years to cultivate, financially devastating the oystermen who had invested their time and money into these beds.
Captain Bob was a typical example of the second sort of oysterman.
A recent review included a total of 20 international publications with a focus on home-based music therapy (Schmidt & Oysterman, 2010).
He led an interesting and colorful life, being an oysterman, judge, diarist, reservation schoolteacher, and ethnographer (among his many occupations).
One of those is a tribute to Mike Voisin, a noted oysterman and the creator of the Louisiana Seafood Board, who died unexpectedly in February.
It's -1 in the morning, during the lowest tide of the day, and I've joined fourth-generation oysterman Bill Taylor, part owner of Taylor Shellfish--the largest producer of farmed bivalves in the coun-try--at the water's edge.
In addition, young students are less apt to learn and apply study and test-taking skills if they have not developed a vision of a future possible self that includes college and/or academic learning as important and realistic possibilities (Abi-Nader, 1991; Day, Borkowski, Punzo, & Howseplan, 1994; Oysterman & Markus, 1990).
Virginia put no restrictions on how many acres an oysterman could lease, nor did it care if the oysterman had a corporation or was just an individual.
94) A self-employed commercial fisherman, such as a crabber, shrimper, or oysterman, is a nonseafarer because, like Mr.