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n.1.(Chem.) Ozonation.
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Shed And Installation, Commissioning And Testing Of Ro, Uv, Ozonization Water Filter Plant (Capacity 5000 Lph) At Mic, Under Jhanjra Area.
EPDM currently represents one of the best matrices for SRM liners [6, 8] because its thermal stability, attributed to its saturated main chain structure, is comparable or higher than nitrile rubber, [9], and it exhibits outstanding resistance to oxidation, ozonization, and weathering effects.
One sample was taken immediately after filtration passage and ozonization, before water entered the pipes leading back to the main pool.
OZSBO, which was obtained from SBO with ozonization, was reacted with pMDI resin at different equivalent molar ratios (eq-MRs) to prepare the adhesives.
Several techniques have been evaluated for phenolic compounds removal, such as ozonization [4], advanced oxidation processes [5], solvent extraction [6], membrane [7] and biological treatment [8-9].
The conventional physical methods of treating effluent are sorption with the aid of chitin called ozonization method (Safarik, 1995), organic carbon (Murphy et al.
Ionizatsiia i ozonirovanie vozdushnoj sredy [Ionization and ozonization of air].
Different methods have been used to destroy and reduce the levels of organic pollutants including treatment with activate sludge [6] Clinical oxidation [7] biological oxidation [8] thermal degradation [9] ozonization [10] and photo-oxidation with ultraviolet radiation [9].
Ozonization of the fluid of sodium chloride was performed of the equipment OTRI-01, during 10 minute, concentration of the ozone in the fluid was 5-8 mg/l.
Chemical methods such as ozonization, chemical oxidation, wet-air oxidation etc have been used for the treatment of effluent containing cyanide.