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 (ō′zō-nīz′, -zə-)
tr.v. o·zo·nized, o·zo·niz·ing, o·zo·niz·es
1. To treat or impregnate with ozone.
2. To convert (oxygen) to ozone.

o′zon·iz′er n.
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SBO (50 mL) was dissolved in acetone (450 mL) and stirred with a magnetic stirrer in an ozonizer (model Lab-2 [220 Vac, 60 Hz], Ozonetech Co.
Nakaoka, "Series inductor compensated load resonant inverter type ozonizer with pulse density modulation control scheme and its evaluations", ISIE '97 Proceeding IEEE Int.
Ozone gas produced from this ozonizer was introduced into 1 liter of sterile distilled water for 20 minutes.
2006) reported that the artificial aeration cum ozonizer unit contribute to the improvement of water quality in an ecofreindly way.