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A Japanese gambling game played on a vertical pinball machine.



(Individual Sports, other than specified) a Japanese game similar to pinball
[C20: possibly from Japanese pachin, imitative of the sound of a ball being fired by a trigger]
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Noun1.pachinko - a Japanese pinball game played on a vertical board
pinball, pinball game - a game played on a sloping board; the object is to propel marbles against pins or into pockets
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1("NIRAKU" or the "Group"), the fourth largest pachinko hall operator in Japan2 and the largest pachinko hall operator in Fukushima Prefecture3, commenced trading on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ( "HKSE") today.
Peter Dalton as its new CEO to lead the Company into 2015 by developing new games and building its online pachinko business and rewards program.
Japan's second-largest pachinko parlor operator, on Monday started trading on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
Yoji Sato, the Dynam Holdings Co s president announced that the company, which is the major Japanese pachinko parlor operator, is planning to list its stock on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on Aug.
a major pachinko parlor operator in Japan, has expressed hope that the company's application for listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will be approved, saying going public in Hong Kong would enhance "the trust and status" of the pinball industry.
TOKYO, June 6 Kyodo - A man in his 40s who runs a business recycling pachinko pinball machines in Gunma Prefecture has failed to declare about 550 million yen in income from exporting parts of the machines to China, sources familiar with the matter said Sunday.
Arsonist attacked Osaka pachinko parlor for no apparent reason
From the 2-D sexually charged 'Cute 'em Ups' game to the majong take-off Pachinko, this is a fine blend of history and cultural and game survey packed with color and vintage photos throughout.
Sega Sammy attributed the sale and pretax profit drops to a slowdown in the growth of earnings from amusement facilities and to falls in the popularity of certain games, which outweighed the effects of an expansion in the sales of game machines combining the features of pachinko pinball and slot machines.
We pick it up everywhere, we send it through space, we get it up there--like a pachinko machine--through our satellite network, and back down to the ground station.
The police arrested the minivehicle's driver, Akane Tsuji, a pachinko parlor clerk from Wajima, at the scene on suspicion of negligence resulting in death and injury.
One of these is to monitor machine tampering in pachinko (Japanese pinball) parlors.