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Any of several evergreen creeping plants of the genus Pachysandra of East Asia and the southeast United States, especially Japanese spurge, often planted as a ground cover.

[New Latin Pachysandra, genus name : Greek pakhus, thick + New Latin -andrus, -androus (after its thick stamens).]


(Botany) botany an evergreen shrub


(ˌpæk əˈsæn drə)

n., pl. -dras.
any of several low-growing plants of the genus Pachysandra, of the box family, widely grown as a ground cover.
[1805–15; < New Latin, irreg. < Greek pachýs thick + andr- (s. of anḗr man; see andro-) + New Latin -a -a2; so called from the thick stamens of the male flowers]
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Noun1.pachysandra - any plant of the genus Pachysandra; low-growing evergreen herbs or subshrubs having dentate leaves and used as ground cover
genus Pachysandra - evergreen perennial procumbent subshrubs or herbs
Allegheny mountain spurge, Allegheny spurge, Pachysandra procumbens - low semi-evergreen perennial herb having small spikes of white or pinkish flowers; native to southern United States but grown elsewhere
Japanese spurge, Pachysandra terminalis - slow-growing Japanese evergreen subshrub having terminal spikes of white flowers; grown as a ground cover
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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At the base, use drifts of hellebores, epimedium and pachysandras and build up initial height with a layer of Fatsia, Dicksonia antarctica and clouds of Pittosporum Nanum.
Daffodils, Orioles, Berylliums, Chipmunks, Bauxites, Strawberries and Pachysandras form clubs and even "parliaments" to take care of one another.